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Video 1: Kite Surfing camp for our Teens in Leucate France!

Listen to what our campers attending VSF Camps 13 and 14 have to say about their camp experience in total immersion in some of the best summer camps in France!

Patrick (14) from Ireland and Oscar (14) from the USA who attended VSF Camp 13: ATOUT FUN !
Shirin (16) from the USA and Lea (14) from Germany who attended VSF Camp 14; OBJECTIF PLONGEE ...share their experience !

Including a word from Mr. Emmanuel Brulebois, Camp Director & Kite surf instructor  (Camps "ATOUT FUN / OBJECTIF PLONGEE")
 in Leucate, since more than 10 years. Emmanuel has welcomed many VSF campers in his groups. Listen to his testimony...


 VIDEO 2: LE HAMEAU DE MOULES - Aveyron France

Interviews of our young campers: Nora (12) from Canada who attended VSF Camp 18: PONEY PASSION Oscar (8) from the UK and Alena (8) from Russia who attended VSF Camp 2: LES CHEVALIERS DU LARZAC ...share their experience !

Attending a real French summer camp in total immersion among French children of their age for 3 weeks was a unique experience!

Including a word from Mr. Fabrice Pineault - Director and Coordinator of "LE HAMEAU DE MOULES".
Fabrice manages and supervise the logistic and organization of our center in the South Aveyron region. Every year hundreds of children come to Moules to spend their holiday. Fabrice describes to us how life is in our small medieval village during the summer...


 VIDEO 3: Interview of Oscar (8 yrs.old) London UK

Driven by his passion for Medieval history, knights and swords, for the French language and culture, Oscar, 8 years old (from the UK), has been attending VSF Camps since he was 5 years old, he now shares his story with you!  


 VIDEO 4: A word from one of our Parents

Mrs. Gill Shepherd (U.K / Dubai) talks about VSF - Her 3 children Scott, Sandy and Ewan have been joining VSF for several years now, In this video she shares her experience as a parent...


 VIDEO 5: Interview of Sophie

Sophie (8 years old) from Hong Kong shares her experience attending VSF Camps! Magical!



On the Subject of Us

VSF gives children from around the world a real chance to practice their language skills by living in total immersion with French children of their own age in a real French Summer Camp!

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